RFID Changing the Landscape of Live Event

    RFID Changing the Landscape of Live Event

    The live event landscape has been changes for the past years. The industry faces a phenomenal growth from the business perspective as the evolving of technology. Musicians no longer depend on their track and album gross. The technology made their music could be easily consumed for everyone with no need to purchase, not even a single penny. From one perspective it may look bad, but from another perspective, the phenomena just bring another big opportunity.

    The fans maybe could get the music easily by just one click on their mobile phone or computer or another device. The only thing that could triggered the fans to spend their money compare to the easiness to listen it is the live event. As the music is merely just a recording, for fans to be able to see and feel connected directly to the artists they liked is something else. The connection at the live events, where they could engage with the artists at the stage and see them performs live is the one that being high-lite by the promotor and event organizer. Even today the biggest source of income for the artists is from their live event, the worldwide tour.

    Technology reached out to event management as well where start-up provide a solution to be able catering the big crowd at the event venue, just like what PouchNation offer. The use of RFID which stands for radio frequency identification system by the event organizer is to serve the effectivity and efficiency of managing the crowd. RFID would minimize the problems that commonly faced when big number crowd gather at one point. With its access control and accreditation service, the organizer no longer need to face the ticket counterfeiter issue or a bottle neck in the entrance gate, more over it could provide solutions in no time when there is problem occur at one point like lines in toilets or else.


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